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MAKRIA Agency is a 360° digital agency that helps real estate agents, builders, construction companies, project managers and promoters to create a tailor-made online presence: website creation , presence on social networks, referencing, marketing, photography and video of goods and/or construction sites, production of 3d renderings for virtual tours, 2d/3d plan.

Engage your customers like never before


real estate projects are born on the web


this is the number of people who consult a real estate site each month.

Digital Marketing

Objective? Stand out from your competitors, increase your notoriety, attract qualified traffic to your website or application, generate buyer or seller prospects and... SIGN !


Real estate photography is no longer optional for real estate agents or developers who want to quickly attract the most qualified buyers in order to: Schedule a visit, Create emotional impressions that allow prices to higher sales and Build a strong reputation that beats the competition

Virtual Tour

The new normal for viewing a property is the two-step viewing process, where all potential buyers and tenants are encouraged to take a virtual tour before scheduling a private viewing. If you don't virtual tours of your listings, now is the time to do so, as real estate sentiment indicators show that customers are actively asking for virtual tours.

4k video and drone

In addition to professional photography, why not include a video that will grab viewers attention and generate qualified leads? Real estate listings that include high-quality video have been proven to receive 403 % more inquiries than non-video ads. And with posting videos on YouTube, the second most popular search engine behind Google, your listing has the opportunity to be seen more.

Custom Website

In order to offer a unique and optimal customer experience, there is nothing better than a tailor-made site. A totally personalized site offers several advantages:

  • A strong design and brand image
  • A top user experience
  • Better SEO
  • An analysis of the results

What are the advantages of a 360° service

  • A better commission: Officers reported a 4-9% increaseof the sale price for goods offered for sale with a virtual visit.
  • Raise more interest: Acquirers are 95% more likely to find out about a property with professional photos and a virtual tour.
  • More qualified leads: Agencies present on social networks attract only the most serious potential buyers, with the ability to sort 'tourists' and time-wasters.
  • Faster sales: Goods with a quality listing spend 31% less time in market.
  • A reduction in unnecessary visits: 20% of acquirersmake an offer following a simple virtual visit and without physically visiting the property, allowing agents to save time.
  • Better positioning on Google: Media made by professionalsretain users longer on web pages and increase customer engagement when used in an online ad, both of which contribute to your ranking on Google.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience to set yourself apart


agents using quality listings win more jobs


people are more likely to call for goods with a 3D virtual tour

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Visitors are 300% more engaged



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