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MAKRIA Agency is a 360° digital agency that helps nonprofits create a custom online presence: website design, social media presence, SEO, marketing, photography and video. Google has set up a $10,000 per month grant for associations. We can handle the entire process, from applying for the grant to managing a successful Ad Grants account.

Engage your customers like never before with $10,000 of free monthly marketing budget


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Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants gives nonprofits $10,000 per month to spend on ads in Google search. This allows you to reach the thousands of people who search for your organization and your work online through Google via an ad (in first place!).

Acquisition of Google Ad Grants

As a Google Certified Professional Agency, we take care of obtaining the grant for your organization as part of any Google Grant Management Plan. We have helped hundreds of organizations obtain the Google Ad Grants and have a 100% success rate.

Create, maintain and optimize

We create advertising campaigns for each of your services, programs or areas of interest. We select the keywords for each campaign, write the ads that will appear in the search results and continually test different versions to improve performance. You tell us your goals and we do the rest. It's Google Ad Grants management made easy.

Google Ad Grants Monthly Compliance

Google Ad Grants automatically renews each month, giving you an additional $10,000 to spend, provided you follow Google's rules. As a Google Certified Professional Agency, we know exactly how to keep you in compliance with the dozens of regulations.

Customized Website

In order to offer a unique and optimal customer experience, there is nothing better than a custom website. A fully customized site offers several advantages:

  • A strong design and brand image
  • A great user experience
  • A better SEO referencing
  • An analysis of the results

What are the advantages of a 360° service

  • Better visibility: The associations reported a 4 to 45% increase of traffic on their website.
  • Generate more interest: The donors are 95% more likely to learn about your association and to make donations.
  • More qualified donors: Charities present on social networks attract only the most serious potential donors with the possibility of sorting the types of user profiles.
  • Increasing donations: Associations with quality advertising see a 31% increase in donations on average.
  • A reduction in unnecessary visits: 20% of donors make a donation on their first visit to the site when the ad is properly written and targeted.
  • A better positioning on Google: Professionally produced media retain users longer on web pages and increase customer engagement when used in an online ad, both of which contribute to your ranking on Google.

Offer an exceptional experience to set yourself apart


of charities using quality advertising earn more donations


of people are more likely to donate to a charity

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